Tuesday, January 26, 2010

In both rounds of the past presidential elections, presidential candidates spent the total of HRK 9.6m on advertising on the Croatian Television and the Croatian Radio, HRT announced on Monday.

Milan Bandic spent the most on promotion on HRT, HRK 4.15m. He was followed by Nadan Vidosevic with HRK 1.6m, while Dragan Primorac spent HRK 1.31m. The elected president Ivo Josipovic was fourth with HRK 645,345. HDZ’s candidate Andrija Hebrang spent HRK 619,512 on TV and radio advertising on HRT, Miroslav Tudjman HRK 345,517, Boris Miksic HRK 156,456.

HNS’s candidate Vesna Pusic was the eighth with HRK 211,343, followed by Damir Kajin, Vesna Skare Ozbolt, Josip Jurcevic, and Slavko Vuksic.